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Prospective Interns

Internships at the Smithsonian Institution are as varied as the museums and research centers themselves. From Art History to Zoology, exhibit building to investments, Smithsonian Internships provide workplace-based learning experiences for a wide range of educational and career paths. 

Most SI internships are managed at what we call the Unit level—each museum, center, or department develops their own internship opportunities. You can search those opportunities below. These opportunities vary in length, commitment, and educational prerequisites. Some internships include a stipend, which can vary in amount; some are unpaid. In addition to onsite internships, there are listings for virtual opportunities for anyone unable to relocate. The search page will allow you to narrow down opportunities to those that fit your criteria.  

The Office of Internship Programs (OIP) also manages centralized internship programs; these are generally funded by a grant or endowment and are intended for specific audiences and experiences. More information on these programs can be found in the opportunities below as well.

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