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The Office of the Chief Information Officer Internship Program

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides the Smithsonian’s central computing and telecommunications services; provides leadership in information technology throughout the Institution in support of systems planning and development, communications, and computer-related training; and provides policy and guidance to ensure the integrity and security of Institutional automated data. Internship Programs & Requirements Internships with this office provide practical experience leading to the eventual achievement of personal goals of the interns. Specific interest in computer help desk, electronic mail, programming disciplines, network design and operations. Applicants should have a definite interest in and some knowledge of computers. Information Technology Services Division Interns participate and assist staff with products and services to include technical training, computer help desk, electronic mail and technical support for the Institution’s World Wide Web Site, This division also operates facilities for hands-on training, document and image scanning, and multi-media product development. Infrastructure Technologies Division Interns in the division have the opportunity to provide foundation computing capabilities, technical support to several mainframe computer systems, network servers operated by OCIO on behalf of offices within the Institution. System Engineering Division Interns will provide central support for the applications systems at the Institution which include acquiring and or developing, deploying and maintaining application systems, providing leadership and guidance in data administration both Institution-wide and in the International Museum Community.

Applicants for The Office of the Chief Information Officer Internship Program are reviewed by the OCIO Intern Coordinator and division managers. Selected intern(s) are notified by the coordinator.

There are no deadlines; the office accepts applications throughout the year.


How to Apply

Apply Through: SOLAA

Contact Information

Contact Phone:

(202) 633-5256

Contact Email:

Computer & IT
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