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OCIO’s Digitization Program Office Internship Program

The Digitization Program Office (DPO) is a branch of the Smithsonian’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.  DPO is tasked with increasing the quality, quantity and impact of Smithsonian digitized collections. With 155 million objects and specimens, 156 thousand cubic feet of archival materials, and 2 million library volumes (which are housed in 41 facilities, 19 museums and 9 research centers), the scale and diversity of Smithsonian collections presents a unique digitization challenge. The DPO meets the challenge by establishing metrics that track digitization progress across the Smithsonian; by running digitization pilot and production projects in our museums that enhance the understanding of how fast and cost-efficient mass digitization can be without compromising quality; by investigating cutting-edge technologies such as 3D digitization and their application to our collections and scientific research; and by investigating tools and techniques (such as robotic and conveyor belt capture to further increase productivity), and new digital platforms and technologies (such as augmented and virtual reality) that extend the impact of our digital assets for Smithsonian audiences.

Internships with the DPO provide hands-on experiences that align our work with the intern’s specific interests. Internship candidates should have an interest in any of the following:  digitization assessment and planning, metrics and analysis, programming, informatics, mass digitization, 3D digitization. Familiarity with imaging technologies is particularly useful for candidates interested in mass digitization or 3D digitization.

Applicants for the OCIO’s Digitization Program Office Internship Program are reviewed by the OCIO Intern Coordinator and DPO Program Officers. Selected intern(s) are notified by the Coordinator.

How to Apply

Deadline: There are no deadlines; the office accepts applications throughout the year

Apply Through: SOLAA

Contact Information

The Smithsonian Digitization Program Office

General:  @smithsonianDPO

Mass Digitization: @SIxDIGI | facebook SIxDIGI

3D Digitization:  Smithsonian Digitization | 3D  @3D_Digi_SI | facebook                                             

Contact Phone: (202) 633-5256

Contact Email:


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