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Natural History Research Experiences (NHRE)

NHRE is a 10-week summer internship program for non-senior undergraduates hosted at the NMNH in Washington DC. The NMNH is a global leader in the field of Natural History, with world-class research staff and unparalleled scientific research collections. NHRE interns work closely with scientific mentors to complete independent research projects in Earth Science, Biology, and Anthropology, and present their findings to museum staff and public. Additional events include lectures, tours of museum collections, and other activities related to Natural History research. NHRE is committed to ensuring equitable opportunities and fostering inclusivity for underrepresented and historically excluded groups in science.

How to Apply

As part of the application procedure, students will need to identify a field of interest and/or specific individuals with whom they are interested in working. Information about research areas and staff directories can be found through the department websites. Students can also browse past projects from previous years for inspiration by visiting the past projects page. Links here:

Contact Information

For questions regarding this opportunity, please contact: and

Washington, DC
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