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Internships at the Smithsonian Office of Educational Technology

Interning at the Smithsonian Office of Educational Technology is a unique opportunity to be part of a new way the Smithsonian is making its resources more accessible and useful to teachers, students, parents, and anyone thrilled by the discovery and exploration of museum resources. As an intern with us, you'll be a formative part of the office communication team, working to deepen, enrich, personalize, and promote learning by encouraging and supporting the creative use of museum resources through research and collaboration with education partners. You’ll work with museum educators and technologists to support and evolve the Webby Award-winning Smithsonian Learning Lab software platform, serving both the Smithsonian community and the nation's classroom educators to increase collaboration, skills, and agility in using digital resources for educational purposes through guidance, assistance, and training.


How to Apply

Please provide a current CV or resume, two letters of reference from individuals who can speak to your related skills or knowledge, transcripts, and a two-page essay that answers: 1) What do you want to learn from the Smithsonian? 2) What experiences have you had with digital media tools? 3) What do you like about museums? For more information, see

Contact Information

For questions regarding this opportunity please contact: Philippa Rappoport,


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