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Internships at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center (APAC) believes that a great 21st-century museum is more than a building. We must engage communities in surprising and innovative ways, transcending boundaries and barriers. We are a migratory museum that brings Asian Pacific American history, art, and culture to you through innovative museum experiences online and throughout the United States. The Center works to redefine and expand the traditional museum model to transform how museums can be places for civic engagement, critical and constructive dialogue, and social justice. The Center's internship program connects interns with APAC, Smithsonian staff, and community members for collaborative programs, initiatives, research, and educational resources that invite visitors to inquire, discover, and learn via direct exchanges with artists, scholars, and cultural practitioners. We engage the public through digital and in-person events that recognize art, history, and culture as vehicles that can bring everyone together. 

How to Apply

For more details on how to apply for these opportunities please visit the APAC website.

Contact Information

For questions regarding this opportunity, please contact: 

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