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Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Science Internship

The primary purposes of the Office of the Undersecretary of Administration (OUSA) internship is to provide a practical learning experience in the areas of industrial hygiene and environmental science. Interested students should be enrolled in a science related major, from an accredited college or university, and willing to learn how to conduct facility walkthrough investigations, case reviews, and industrial hygiene surveys.

The Office of Safety, Health and Environmental Management’s (OSHEM) Environmental Management Division (EMD) mission is to provide a safe and healthful work environment for Smithsonian Institution (SI) staff members, volunteers and visitors. An internship opportunity within the EMD will familiarize the intern with the environmental audit procedures, and techniques on how to conduct a variety of exposure monitoring evaluations including chemical, ventilation, noise, and indoor air quality assessments. The intern will learn about sampling strategies and how to calculate and analyze laboratory results to determine potential staff exposure.

The student will be responsible for learning, arranging and conducting industrial hygiene sampling surveys. The intern will learn how to apply applicable sampling strategies, select appropriate sampling equipment, prepare written reports of sampling results and provide suitable recommendations for corrective actions.

Supervisor will provide students with assignments and activities designed to train the intern on how to oversee tactical planning efforts, conduct environmental audits and formulate sound recommendations for corrective actions. The supervisor will assist the intern in the selecting appropriate sampling equipment; administer proper sampling methodology, sample data analysis, report writing and forming conclusions based on the information obtained through the survey process.

Student will acquire and develop knowledge and skills of industrial hygiene and environmental science disciplines through practical applications. The student will be accompanied by a professional Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Protection Specialist, or a Safety Manager during their tenure. The student will learn how to select appropriate sampling protocols, select/operate industrial hygiene equipment, review/interpret sample data and prepare specialized reports.

Interested students who are majoring in any science related fields of study (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Industrial Hygiene, Engineering, etc.) will be considered. Also, interested candidates should have taken at least two Chemistry courses. Industrial Hygiene applicants, upon completion of their undergraduate degree, are required to have 12 semester hours of Chemistry, four hours of which shall be in Organic Chemistry.

How to Apply

Please log into SOLAA and create an account.
Next search for “OSHEM Internship Program” and follow the application prompts.

All interested Industrial Hygiene & Environmental Science Summer Internship candidates/applicants should provide their most up-to-date resume, and a copy of their current college transcripts.

Contact Information

Hayes C. Robinson, III M.S. Associate Director, Environmental Management Division Smithsonian Institution Office of Safety, Health & Environmental Management Ph: 202-633-2674 Wk. Cell 202-438-6825 E-mail:

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