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A History of Women in the United States Congress

A History of Women in the United States Congress is an 8-week summer internship program hosted at the Smithsonian Office of Government Relations in Washington DC. Funded by the American Women’s History Initiative Collaboration and Community Fund, this internship is open to non-senior undergraduates, who have a strong interest in women’s history, politics and who have at least a 3.0 GPA. 

The Smithsonian Office of Government Relations connects the Smithsonian community with the U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch, and state and local governments, providing guidance, facilitating communications, and fulfilling oversight requirements.

The project focusses on creating educational resources from Smithsonian collections related to women in Congress. Resources will be created on the Smithsonian’s Learning Lab platform. The intern will be given introductions to the Learning Lab platform and the Archives of the House of Representatives and will learn about researching, creating, and publishing Learning Lab collections. 

How to Apply

Applicants must register and submit an online application via the Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment system (SOLAA). After registering, sign onto the SOLAA system. At the top of the screen, select “Start your Application”; Select “Internship” and “Office of Government Relations” from the drop-down program lists. All materials should be submitted through the SOLAA system. Application requirements via SOLAA -Short essay (no more than three pages total). 

  1. A statement of your interest in an internship at the Office of Government Relations and what you hope to gain from the experience; please state how you found out about the internship. 
  2. Please discuss the impact that a funded internship would have on you and your education. 
  3. Provide a short biography describing your background, personal history, interests and major/minor (if declared). -Curriculum Vitae or Resume -Undergraduate transcripts (unofficial) -Two letters of reference 

NEW Deadline for application: March 22, 2022


Contact Information

For questions regarding this opportunity, please contact:

Washington, DC
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