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IRS W-9 Form

IRS Form

To complete the IRS W-9 form, there are three sections that require you to complete. It is important to ensure that all of the mandatory boxes are completed:

  • Download the W-9 Form from the IRS website.
  • Box 1 with your full legal name.
  • Box 3 with your tax classification - generally if you do not own a business, you are a sole proprietor and should select the first box
  • Box 5 with your street address
  • Box 6 with your City, State and Zip Code

Under Part I: Taxpayer Identification Number, if you are a US citizen please enter your social security number,unless you are filing under a business, then add your Employer Identification Number

Under Part II: Please make sure you read the statements and then sign and date the formĀ 

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