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Ending Your Academic Appointment

ID Badge 

At the end of your internship you must turn in your Smithsonian ID Badge to the location where your ID Badge was issued. Be sure to speak with your Mentor or Unit Intern Coordinator before you complete your internship. 


You may be asked to complete an evaluation of your experience at the end of your appointment. Your honest feedback will help us improve our academic appointments.  

Ending Your Appointment Early 

If you need to end your appointment early, please let OIP know as soon as possible. The Smithsonian retains the right to rescind an academic appointment in any case in which an appointee’s conduct compromises the reputation or integrity of the Institution, or otherwise constitutes a violation of any applicable Code of Ethics or Standards of Conduct 

Extending Your Appointment 

Some academic appointments may be extended beyond the original agreed upon end date. Extensions require approval from the Mentor and the Office of Internship Programs. 

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