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Electronic Funds Transfer Form

EFT Guide

The final form we will need to process your appointment is the Electronic Funds Transfer Form (EFT) and it is your banking information. To complete this form:

  1. Download the EFT Form.
  2. Enter your full legal name in Box 1
  3. Enter your full Social Security Number/ITIN in Box 2
  4. Enter your full address including City, State and Zip in box 3. Please note it must match all of the other forms.
  5. Enter the best phone number to reach you in Box 4
  6. Enter the best email to contact you in Box 5
  7. Enter the full name of your Financial Institution in Box 6
  8. Enter your financial institution's routing number in Box 7. Note that this number will always be 9 digits.
  9. Enter your Account Number in Box 8.
  10. Select the account type - either checking or savingsĀ 
  11. Finally review all of the details you have entered, then sign and date the bottom of the form
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