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Award Agreement

award agreement guide

To accept your internship and formally begin the onboarding process, we will need to receive your signed Award Agreement, which is page 3 of your Award Letter. To complete the form:

  1. Verify the details of your internship are correct including your name, your mentor, your unit, your unit coordinator, your dates, and the stipend amount.
  2. Enter your full address including City, State, and Zip. Be sure that this matches all other forms.
  3. Enter the best email address to contact you.
  4. Enter Country of Residence for Tax Purposes. This line indicates where you will be filing your taxes and helps us to know how to process.
  5. Enter your Country of Citizenship. This helps us know what steps to follow for any taxes that may apply and any additional documents that might need to be collected,
  6. Read the Award Agreement Terms
  7. Finally, sign and date the bottom of the form.
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